Four Kinds of Environmentalism

In 1992, Master Sheng Yen began the movement “To Protect the Spiritual Environment.” This movement is based on the belief that only by purifying our minds can we purify our actions, and only by purifying our actions can we purify society. To achieve this ideal, we should also protect the social, living, and natural environments. Collectively, this is called the “Four Kinds of Protection of the Environment”.

Protecting the Spiritual Environment

This is the most important and fundamental of the Four Kinds of Protecting the Environment. The contamination of the spiritual environment is mainly caused by people’s actions, thoughts, and words. Therefore, to protect the spiritual environmental, we purify our own mind by treating others with compassion, by acting with wisdom, and by alleviating our own vexations and impurities.

Protecting the Living Environment

Our needs are few, even though our desires are many. If we seek only what we need, we will not be ruled by desire. In our life, be simple, diligent, orderly, and content. Avoid wasting energy and resources while helping to reduce garbage and pollution.

Protecting the Natural Environment

Cherish our blessings and be grateful to the Earth. Realizing that humanity is part of Nature, we treasure all resources, not wasting them or polluting our environment. When Nature is revered and protected, it will be able to sustain ongoing life.

Protecting the Social Environment

If we purify our own thoughts and harmonize our body and mind, proper behavior and speech will naturally follow. This way, we harmonize with others and society will be at peace.