Fivefold Spiritual Renaissance - A Proposition for Living in the 21st Century

The Four Fields for Cultivating Peace

To uplift the character of humanity, we propose to cultivate:

  • Peaceful Mind through being content and having few desires.
  • Peaceful Body through diligence and a simple life.
  • Peaceful Family through love and respect for each other.
  • Peaceful Conduct through peaceful thoughts, words, and actions.

The Four Guidelines for Dealing with Desires

A proposal for calming minds:

  • Our needs are few.
  • Our desires are many.
  • Pursue only what we can and should acquire.
  • Never pursue what we can’t and shouldn’t acquire.

The Four Steps for Handling a Problem

A proposal for resolving difficulties in life:

  • Face it: Face the problem, do not deny its existence.
  • Accept it: Accept the reality; everything happens for a reason.
  • Handle it: Take care of things with wisdom, and take care of people with compassion.
  • Let it go: Make best efforts to resolve the matter, regardless of its outcome

The Four Practices for Helping Oneself and Others

A proposal for getting along with others:

  • Be grateful for favorable and adverse situations that nurture our growth.
  • Be thankful for opportunities to offer ourselves to others.
  • Be reflective on improving ourselves through meditation, contrition and beginning anew.
  • Be inspiring to others through our behavior.

The Four Ways to Cultivate Blessings

A proposal for increasing blessings:

  • Recognize our blessings: be content and happy.
  • Cherish our blessings: treasure what we have and repay the kindness that we have received.
  • Nurture our blessings: share with others and give to those in need.
  • Sow the seeds of our blessings: benefit all people with the growth of wisdom and compassion.