Cambodian Young Leaders Summit

Siem Reap, Cambodia - November 15th-19th, 2007

“Building a Strong Cultural, Intellectual and Spiritual Foundation for the Future”

DDMBA is supporting the Cambodians Leader Summit in partnership with the Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW). This Summit seeks to organize and mobilize one of Cambodia’s richest resources - - its young people. It is critical for this generation to take the lead in healing their nation’s scars as a step toward a more just and sustainable Cambodia. The gathering aims to allow participants to build and expand their networks and to learn and become inspired by the successful work and best practices of other young people in their country. It will be an opportunity for linking inter-related issues – education, employment, poverty alleviation, human rights, civic responsibility, and healthy ecological systems.

The dialogue will also encourage participants to invoke another of Cambodia’s richest resources – its longstanding Buddhist spiritual tradition – in efforts to create a better future for their nation. Because prominent members of the Cambodian Buddhist community were targeted during the violent reign of the Khmer Rouge, many benefits of this tradition have been lost on younger generations of Cambodians. It will be an opportunity for participants to consider the relationship between internal peace and social harmony, the continuity between spiritual meditation and reconciliation and the creation of a sound future:

Anticipated outcomes of the Cambodian Young Leaders Summits include:

  • The creation and launch of the Cambodian Young Leaders Forum
  • Inclusion of the Cambodian youth into an international network of young leaders
  • Inspire partnerships between Cambodian youth as well as international participants
  • Provide professional development and leadership training and capacity building opportunities for Cambodian youth to enable them to envision a better future for their country and a support network to achieve their goals.