Addressing Climate Change by Awakening to Oneness

Copenhagen, Denmark 

5 – 13 December 2009: DDMBA participated in and helped sponsor this gathering of religious leaders in Copenhagen during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP-15. DDMBA sponsored youth leaders to attend this event, including indigenous leaders from the Amazon to raise awareness of the importance of tropical forests and indigenous cultures to the climate change issue. The gathering also brought awareness to people who gathered for the UN Climate Conference that climate change is a moral crisis. The meeting, Addressing Climate Change by Awakening to Oneness, was the first truly inclusive global gathering of all major faith and traditions, including Hindu, Buddhists, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim leaders on the environmental issue. These religious leaders made a joint public statement on behalf of their communities, regarding their commitment to take practical actions to lessen the impact of human activity on the earth.