Attaining the Way Released by Shambhala

October 2006

In Fall 2006, Shambhala Publications has released the latest book by Chan Master Sheng Yen, Attaining the Way, a collection of teachings by four great Chan masters: Boshan, a Ming dynasty master of the Caodong lineage; Jiexian, a younger contemporary of the Linji school’ Zuyen, the great modern patriarch who deserves much of the credit for the revival of Chinese Buddhism in the twentieth century; and Master Sheng Yen himself.

Translated by both Master Sheng Yen’s longtime student Guogu (Jimmy Yu), and the well-known translator J.C. Cleary, and edited by Dharma Drum Publications managing editor Ernest Heau, the new volume includes a previously unpublished dialogue on the relationship of mind, wandering thought and meditative absorption between Xuyun and his Dharma disciple Lingyuan, of whom Master Sheng Yen is a Dharma heir.

The release of Attaining the Way also marks the debut of a new relationship between Dharma Drum Publications and Shambhala, which includes new Shambhala editions of a number of Master Sheng Yen’s previous works, including Dharma Drum, Faith in Mind, The Infinite Mirror, and The Poetry of Enlightenment.

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