Transmission of Bodhisattva Precepts at DDRC

Pine Bush, NY, November 19 2006.

One hundred and thirty-four lay practitioners from the United States, France, Canada and Great Britain received the bodhisattva precepts at Dharma Drum Retreat Center in New York on November 19, 2006. The transmission ceremony was presided over personally by Venerable Master Sheng Yen,founder of Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association and Venerable Guo Dong, Abbot President of Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association. Many local practitioners and DDMBA Venerables including Venerables Guo Ming,. Guo Jun, Guo Chian and Guo Kai also attended the ceremony.

At the outset, Master Sheng Yen explained that in the Mahayana tradition, one begins to learn the Dharma upon accepting Buddhist teachings, and a Buddhist practitioner must start by walking the bodhisattva path. “A bodhisattva is a person who aspires to buddhahood while seeking to enlighten all sentient beings on the path,’ he said, encouraging all participants to emulate the bodhisattva spirit, practice the precepts and always treat others with a bodhisattva’s compassion.

This was the fourth transmission ceremony of the bodhisattva precepts held at the Pine Bush, NY retreat center. In addition to a record-breaking 134 participants, there were also twelve DDMBA Venerables in attendance, prompting Master Sheng Yen to characterize the ceremony a milestone.

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