Inner Dimensions of Climate Change - Asia

A Retreat for Young Professionals, Environmentalists and Spiritual Practitioners 

In spring 2010, DDMBA hosted a retreat for young people from North America at the Dharma Drum Mountain Retreat Center in Upstate New York to explore various dimensions of the climate crisis. This retreat held from 6-11 September, 2011 in Rishikesh is a parallel initiative for young people from throughout Asia. The aim of these retreats is to help build a network of young people who can work to enhance understanding of the ethical issues at the heart of the climate change crisis and help create a more sustainable and socially responsible society.

About 30 young people from Cambodia, India, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, United States and Japan gathered to share experiences and projects, learn about climate science and the state of the earth’s resources. Youth also spent time in contemplative practice and held discussions with mentors to discuss ways to foster a more sustainable world community. A day trip was arranged to Navdanya where they spent the day with Dr. Vandana Shiva and the experts to learn more about organic agriculture, seed saving and other sustainable practices.