One-Day Retreats at CMC

Last Saturday of each month except December.  October is on 10/23.

Retreats at DDRC

January/February 2010

 Jan 23                     1-Day Retreat

 Jan 29-31                3-Day Beginner's Mind Retreat

 Feb 6                      1-Day Retreat

 Feb 26-27               Overnight Retreat


March/April 2010

 Mar 6                      1-Day Retreat

 Mar 12-14               3-Day Retreat

 Mar 26-Apr 1          7-Day Introduction to Chan Retreat

 Apr 3                      1-Day Retreat

 Apr 9-11                 Young People's Chan Retreat


May/June 2010

 May 1                     1-Day Retreat

 May 22-29              Koan Retreat

 Jun 5                      1-Day Retreat

 Jun 18-27               10-Day Intensive Huatou Retreat


July/August 2010

 Jul 10                     1-Day Retreat

 Jul 17-31                7, 14-Day Intensive Chan Retreat

 Aug 13-22              10-Day Introduction to Silent Illumination Retreat

 Aug 24-29              Young People's Workshop & Young People's Chan Retreat


September/October 2010

 Sep 25                   1-Day Retreat

 Oct 1-3                  3-Day Retreat

 Oct 9                     1-Day Retreat

 Oct 15-20              Western Zen Retreat


November/December 2010

 Nov 5-7                 Young People's Chan Retreat

 Nov 13                  1-Day Retreat

 Nov 26-Dec           5 10-Day Intensive Silent Illumination Retreat

 Dec 11                   1-Day Retreat

 Dec 26-Jan 2          8-Day Intensive Huatou Retreat

The above retreats are held at our city center, Chan Meditation Center (CMC), and our upstate New York center, Dharma Drum Retreat Center (DDRC). For registration, please contact them directly:

CMC - email:, phone (718) 592-6593, website:
DDRC - email:, website: