Guiding Principles

DDMBA seeks to work with others in building a culture of peace in harmony with nature, by fostering gratitude and kindness, seeking common ground, mutual understanding and respect for all life. DDMBA highlights human values that transcend religion, ethnicity and culture, focusing on the shared needs of humankind as a whole.

Programs encourage the integration of environmental awareness into all aspects of life, specifically in practicing:

Spiritual environmentalism, which calls for the development of the spiritual dimension of life, cultivating compassion, kindness and wisdom, and transforming egocentrism to altruism;

Ecological environmentalism, which awakens the awareness of humanity’s sacred responsibility to conserve the rich ecology and biodiversity of the planet;

Lifestyle environmentalism, which ensures the sustainable use of the earth’s resources and reduces waste and over consumption, leading to sustainable lifestyles;

Social environmentalism, which fosters an earth community that practices respect towards all and recognizes that human diversity enriches the world.